Translation Agency SRL is a company specialized in translationsand we are backed by great competitive advantages.

We bring a new approach to translation services, with innovative working methods that highlight the quality of our services, as well as our ability to perform large projects and undertake commitments.

New approach: we combine the work of specialists from various fields such as construction, legal, economic, etc. who know foreign languages, with the work of professional linguistics: philologists and authorized translators in order to achieve higher quality and greater efficiency.

We also have extensive experience working with the most modern resources, databases, dictionaries, glossaries and latest technology that allow us to tackle any type of translation.

We aim to be market leaders in efficiency, because we know how important our work for our clients is.

We are a highly specialized team with great work capacity.

Created value: we not only translate, we also add value to our work:we rely on a great experience, on the latest trends and technology, security, on the compliance of our commitments and on saving time.

In the XXI century: we are aware that changes are very quick nowadays. That is why reinventing ourselves and keeping up to date is important not only for us but also for our clients. We focus on the future; we invest in technology and continuous training to help us provide better and faster services of a higher quality, respecting our commitments and that is what makes us competitive.

All these advantages also allow us to offer specialized services for novice translators and at the same time to give specific support to freelancer translators or other translation offices.