We are a multicultural team with a great training. We apply new methods in the teamwork and therefore we obtain a better efficiency and quality of our services.


Juan speaks Spanish (as a mother tongue) and Romanian, and has a vaste experience in the economic and commercial field, knows the Romanian law and the legal terminology.



Raluca is a translator authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Justice for the following languages: Romanian (as mother tongue), English and Spanish.  She benefits of over 7 years of experience in the translation of legal, economic, technical (construction) and other domains. Moreover she has been working for over 5 years in public works projects and with foreign companies. 


Delia is a civil engineer and she is fluent in the following languages: Romanian (as mother tongue), English and Spanish. She has experience in the field of technical translations mostly related to building materials, machinery operation manuals and everything concerning the construction domain. She has also worked with legal and financial translations.


Andreas is fluent in 6 languages: German (mother tongue) English, Spanish, Italian, French and Romanian. He graduated Architecture in Spain, and has gained experience by working in different countries which has endowed him with great knowledge in his professional area.




Being a versatile person with extensive knowledge in many fields of activity, he is a graduate of Law and has worked as a lawyer for some time. He is fluent in in Romanian (as mother tongue), Spanish and English. Cristian is a translator authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Justice for Spanish and Romanian and has great experience and preparation in translating legal texts.


We also have other professional translators who can translate texts from other areas of activity, from and to other languages.